Why do we wanted to build such a Mallet Decauville in 5” gauge ? May be the attraction of a model only little accomplished in live steam, or also the realization of very powerful loco at this scale. At this scale, we get closer to a model in 7’’ 1/4 gauge.
Overview :
Decauville Mallet 060+060 was used by the Morocco Military Railways at the beginning of the 20th century, from Marrakech to Oudjda, for the transport of troops and goods. Such powerful locos allowed to make mixed passengers and goods trains.
These are indeed the most powerful stream engines built for the 60cn narrow gauge in France. In my knowledge, none of them was preserved.
Kenitra - gare Taourirt - gare
Oued Aghbal Taourirt - Nord express
The loco is equipped with a water tank, which we shall also accomplish.

The model will have a complete length of 2.20 meters (with the water tank), a height of 0.6 meters, a breadth of 0.4 m, and a weight of more than 220 kg. The running pressure will be 8 bars, what gives a potency of 5 HP.

Plan ensemble mallet Decauville
We also decided the realization of Decauville wagons to accomplish a train similar of the Morocco Military Railways.

Of course, this train will also be able to transport both passengers and Decauville wagons.

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