The boiler :
For security reasons, we made accomplish the boiler entirely in stainless steel by a person whose workmanship of this type of realization is not any more to prove.
The running pressure being 8 bars, it was tested in 16 bars. A personnel test certificate is also issued by an accredited organism.
This boiler has a dimension of more of 1.10m long, 0.25m high (to witch we must add the steam dome), and the breadth is of 0.20m.

The fire surface is 450 cm2 and the boiler’s volume is 18 litres. Fire is done by coal.

The regulator is located outside the boiler, what makes his building easier.
The door of the fire box is broad enough to cross the hand there, it is practical to take away the (cold) grids of the heat box!!
On the front of the fire box, the is the possibility to mount 2 water levels, an injector, a hand pump, and obviously the commands (whistle, pressure level, etc…).
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